About Me

Hello all!

My name is Katie and I live in Iowa.  I had my RNY October 5, 2010 and nothing has been the same since.  Having this surgery was the best decision I have ever made for myself and every day I'm finding out new things about myself and this surgery that I love.  I have had so many positive experiences, I'm not sure I could even name negative ones at this point. 

I have 2 chihuahua fur babies that keep me on my toes...if they don't I'm stepping on theirs!  I'm a 911 dispatcher which also keeps me on my toes and out of trouble, but makes meal planning a true challenge.  I like to quilt, scrapbook, garden and cook.  I have found that I'm always searching now for the perfect WLS recipe and have fun looking for it.  I'm learning how to substitute certain ingredients in recipes to make them more WLS friendly, but I've yet to create any of my own recipes.

All in all I'm so very grateful I could have the surgery and am more and more thankful for every day I get to live now, thanks to RNY.  

Yep...that's really me!

*** JULY 2016 ***

Wow!  A lot has changed since I started this blog before I even had my weight loss surgery.  I've lost weight, gained some back.  Lost same, gained some back.  Right now I'm at the gained some back, fell completely off the wagon and have hit rock bottom.  I finally realized I needed to get back on track and have made my appointments to do so and have started to change my mind set.  I posted the below picture on the main page of my blog for visual motivation.  I need to look at it often and be reminded that it's possible to get back to where I was.

Then and Now

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