5K Memories

Before I start posting pics of my 5k's I'm going to post, what I think is THE COOLEST IDEA EVER!!!  Bib Book!

Now, I fully intend on making it, but I'm holding off until my niece comes up again, so we can make ours together.  See, my 15 year old niece (who I STILL call Squirt) is my 5K partner and she's the one who keeps me motivated.  She has no idea, but she and my other niece and nephews were one of the reasons I had my gastric bypass surgery.  Memorial Day, 2010 we were sitting in my parent's backyard and the kids were all running around chasing my new puppy and there I sat, worn out not able to keep up with them at all.  That was an eye opener for me.  My first thought was that at the rate I'm going, I'm not going to see my youngest niece (now 3) grow up.  I've always wanted to be the fun aunt and I wasn't.  I was the aunt that just sat around because I was too big and too out of shape to keep up with them.  That was the day I decided to have the surgery...and I've never been happier.  This "cool" aunt plans on being there for everything...those lucky kids!  LOL

My First 5K:  The Dam to Dam  June, 2012

Packet Pick Up
My niece, Maddie and I At The Finish Line.  My time:  47:09, with a 15:09 minute mile.

The Color Run:  October, 2012

Our Team, We B Crazy!!!
Post Race At Applebee's

The Color Run:  July 2013

Our Carload Of Color Runners Before The Run

The Finish Area With The State Capitol

We Made It!!!

My Beautiful Niece, Maddie and I

Isn't She Beautiful ♥

Strutting My Stuff!

The Color Explosion


  1. Love the blog update! I cannot wait to see your bib book!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!


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