Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fitbit, Bits of Fit, Let's Get Fit

I have been wearing my (dad's old) Fitbit Flex since about Christmas time.  I had purchased the Fitbit Charge about a year before that, but had gotten a chemical burn from the clasp, so the Flex was perfect because I could change out the bands to something that didn't have the same type of clasp.  I had found some really neat bands on Amazon that were really reasonably priced for the Flex, so I purchased a couple of them and away I went.  And by away I went, I mean I wore it.  That's about it. Well, that's not completely true...I did like to track my sleep, or lack there of.  And every once in awhile I would get the urge to see if I could make my step goal but that was really it.  

Since then, my Flex has started to lose it's charge, lasting only a couple of days.  Now, it's had a very good run.  My dad had it for probably close to 3 or 4 years and wore it faithfully every day and I've had it about 6 months or so.  All in all, I would say the Flex has had a good life.  And I wouldn't even be considering looking at a new one if the charge would hold on the Flex and if I wasn't trying to get back on track.

So, what's a girl to do when she needs a new Fitbit?  Well, read all 2000+ reviews on Amazon of course!  I've read reviews, I've watched videos, I've compared the Charge HR to the Alta to the Blaze. I've looked at the pros and cons of them and have narrowed my choice down to the Blaze...for now...

Fitbit Blaze

Look at how pretty it is!  The band comes in Black, Blue or Purple.  The band is removable so if something should happen to it, I can replace the band only and not have to buy a whole new one (like the Charge HR).  The clasp, it's like a watch so hopefully I won't get a chemical reaction.  The screen...HUGE!  I can see how many steps I've taken, what time it is, track my heart rate, receive notifications and more.  Probably more than I need!  But it's early in the week, I could change my mind a dozen times before now and when I go get one next weekend.

The 2 pictures above pretty much sums up how I feel right now while I'm typing this post.  My Bits of Fit is charging, it was DEAD, so I can't possibly can't step right now when it's not going to count, right?!  RIGHT!  I've mentioned my friend Mary Ann before on here, she's keeping me going on my Fitbit by inviting me to do challenges to get my steps in.  My best friend and I also do challenges and have a blast!  She and I work some of the same hours and understand the struggle of trying to get steps in when you're pretty much handcuffed to a computer and phone all day and can't leave your area.  I will tell you's exactly 27 steps around the 2 dispatch consoles in the Comm Center. One night I managed to get just about 4000 steps in before midnight while dispatching.  That's a lot of circles around that room!  But hey, steps are steps!  

I've only been looking at Fitbit trackers, but I know there are other brands out there.  So, if anyone has any other suggestions or even opinions on a Fitbit, please hit me up!  I've been out of the Fitbit loop and workout world for awhile, so I don't know much about what's out there.  

So, now you know what I've been doing the last couple of days, which isn't much, but I've managed to get some steps in, so not all is lost.  Last night my youngest niece wanted to ride her bike, so I walked around with her and gained quite a few steps.  She had fun, I got in a small walk, so everyone was happy!  I'm going to try to get some steps in today while I dink around the house and yes, walk in circles.  Are you wanting to get some more steps in?  Wanting to do more challenges?  Wanting more friends on Fitbit?  Find me here and let's get to stepping!!!!  

Until next time!

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